High School Online Curriculum

The High School Student Team and Curriculum

The online high school program at iQ Academy California-Los Angeles helps teens identify their goals and chart their own paths, whether to college, a vocational program, or the workforce. To support this, we provide:

  • A team of subject-specific teachers and school counselors who create and monitor your student's Individualized Learning Plans (ILP). The ILP and student team help guide your student to post-high school success.
  • A catalog of more than 150 courses that offers math, English, science, and history courses in multiple levels—core, comprehensive, and honors—to meet the needs of diverse learners. Students can also take up to four years of a world language.
  • A broad choice of career-oriented electives for students to explore their interests and start planning their future.

High School Course List

For the full line-up of K12 courses or to download the catalog, visit the online high school course list.

Note: iQ Academy does not offer all classes listed by K12. Once enrolled, the assigned Guidance Counselor will provide current information on iQ Academy course offerings.

Teacher Support and Instruction

California-credentialed high school teachers instruct students in live, online ClassConnect sessions, and are available to help with coursework and answer questions online, over the phone, and in threaded discussions on student assignments. Students also participate with each other in teacher-monitored online discussions.

College and Career Preparation

As part of the iQ Academy high school experience, students work with counselors and have access to a variety of tools and programs to help them chart a path to post-secondary success:

  • Counselors help students define their post-secondary goals and develop a personalized plan using Pathfinder. This college and career planning tool helps students navigate through course selection, national tests, applications, job searches, or whatever they need to support their aspirations.
  • Students and parents can attend college and career planning workshops. These online workshops provide a comprehensive approach to preparing for and applying to college, as well as exposure to career industry professionals.
  • Due to the virtual nature of the iQ Academy California – Los Angeles, the UC/CSU college system does not recognize online-only lab science courses as a-g approved. Read the A-G Entrance Requirement Options for students wishing to meet this requirement. Additional courses are currently pending approval through the UC/CSU college system.
  • Student athletes should be aware that currently the courses utilized by the iQ Academy California – Los Angeles do not meet NCAA eligibility. While the iQ Academy California – Los Angeles continue to work with the NCAA to amend this, we are not aware of when/if this will occur.