Online Curriculum

Individualized Curriculum

iQ Academy California-Los Angeles uses K12's individualized online curriculum for grades K–12. The curriculum includes animations, interactive games, video, and text. It also incorporates comprehensive assessments to ensure your student is learning the material and achieving success at every level.

Grades K–8

In grades K–8, we carefully integrate your child's online learning experiences with plenty of hands-on materials such as those in a traditional school environment: printed books with beautiful illustrations, original CDs, lab equipment for science experiments, and art supplies.

The focus in lower grades is on a mastery-based approach to skills and knowledge: a child progresses through courses based on lesson assessments. If the child has passed (mastered) concepts as evident from the assessments, he or she can move forward to other lessons. Instead of receiving a numerical grade for passing or failing lessons, students are continually given the chance to master concepts and move forward.

Grades 9–12

In upper grades, we use a more traditional grading system, and students work in online class groups, which enables project-based learning and peer collaboration. High school courses, in general, require more defined pacing and a set schedule.

While high school students need to keep pace and complete lessons on schedule, they have flexibility in terms of how they manage their time. Students are free to study at the times that work best for them, and may schedule their schooling around a job or sports commitment.