Parent Involvement | iQ Academy California—Los Angeles

Community through Technology

As an online school, technology allows us numerous ways to communicate. We encourage parents to be involved in their student's education, and are committed to keeping them up to date with regular progress reports, real-time assignment logs, and conferences with our counselors. Parents also have access to teachers, academic advisors, and school counselor via telephone and e-mail, and can network with other families to talk about their experiences.

We're Behind You All the Way

For some parents, the excitement of choosing online schooling and supporting their child's learning may be mixed with a little apprehension. We understand. That's why it's our goal to help parents succeed in their role. As long as you have a passion for your child’s success and are willing to devote time and effort, our program has been designed to give you the tools, skills, and support you need. The following are some ways to help you begin the adventure of online schooling:

  • Help your child set a daily schedule that works for your family. Encourage your child to discuss his or her work with you regularly.
  • Use the suggested lesson plans, which are provided each week and updated automatically as your child progresses.
  • Vary your child's lesson plan to accommodate his or her pace or abilities: for instance, some students do better when they can concentrate their math studies for longer hours per day but fewer days per week.
  • Assign your child's favorite subject as a reward as a break from tougher subjects.
  • Modify your child's schedule to accommodate extracurricular pursuits.
  • Use the online scheduling and management tools to make it easy for your child to stay on track.
  • Read our parent newsletter to keep up with school news.
  • Contact teachers and staff to discuss your child's progress or voice any concerns or comments.