Enrollment and Attendance FAQs | iQ Academy California—Los Angeles

Which counties does iQ Academy of California – Los Angeles serve?

iQ Academy of California – Los Angeles  serves Ventura, San Bernardino, Kern, and Orange counties.

What is the attendance policy?

As California public school students, all IQ students are expected to comply with California’s attendance requirements and complete lessons and attend Class Connect sessions as required on each of the 180 days of instruction according to the official IQLA school calendar.

It is expected that students will complete lessons before the end of each school day. When a student completes work offline, the parent/Learning Coach must submit a school supplied offline work log as specifically directed by his or her assigned teacher, for each day without accompanying online work. All offline work logs must be submitted at the conclusion of each school day or as requested by the assigned teacher. If an offline work log is not submitted, the teacher will not credit the student with attendance for that school day.

Can I take a vacation or travel during the school year?

The school calendar includes school "holidays" or vacation time. Whenever possible, family vacations should align with school vacation days. If a student skips a day during the week, he or she will be marked absent. Vacation is not an approved reason for absence in the state of California.

Once we start the school year, can we still change our minds and go back to our home district?

Although we work very hard to make IQLA a positive experience for all students, if you feel this is not the best choice for your child, you have the ability to return to your local school or regular homeschooling. We recommend that you complete a full year or at least a semester to be sure any challenges you perceive are not just related to adjusting to this new way to learn, and to make sure you get the full benefit of transferring credit received from IQLA.